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Near the congress venue you can book a room at the Reehorst Hotel. Use the code EURSAFE2024 while booking and you will receive a discount for an elegance or classic room. If you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fun fact: this hotel received an award for having the most beautiful suites in the Netherlands. The hotel is located close to the trainstation Ede-Wageningen and it will take you approximately 5 minutes by foot.

If you would like to stay somewhere else that’s possible as well. We have made a shortlist with a few promising accommodations in the direct surroundings of the event. We also added the travel distance in time spent to arrive by public transport from the Ede-Wageningen train station:

Near Arnhem Central station

(10 min by train to station Ede-Wageningen):

Near Veenendaal de Klomp train station

(6 min by train to station Ede-Wageningen)

Near Wageningen Busstation

(6 min by train to station Ede-Wageningen)

There are omly a few Bed & Breakfast or accommodations in and near Ede. We recommend to look, and make reservations, early if you prefer such an accommodation.